Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photo fun with a fifteen year old….

Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 263 Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 234

Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 141

Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 137

Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 267  Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 013

Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 039

Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 063

Megans Photo Shoot 1-16-10 155

Yes, there was snow still on the ground – my daughter has shorts on – silly girl – we had fun. I have been experimenting with winter – the colors aren’t too great…can hardly wait till spring !

Hugs ~ Kammy


Gloria said...

Greetings! I just 'discovered' your blog - your daughter is beautiful! And you look like such a nice, happy person! I live in a TINY house, that's why your blog name caught my eye. I hope to read your older posts when I have time. I just began a 'blog' last month - it is very LAME yet, I do not have any pics on there or much else! I'd better step it up! :)
Well, take care and nice meeting you.
Best regards,

susan said...

Kammy-You are getting to be quite the photographer! These are such good pictures of your darling daughter. And no, I don't know why kids run around in shorts in the dead of winter either :)

G. S. said...

Great photos! Your daughter is a very pretty young lady. As far as the shorts in the Winter - Can't help you on that one. :)

Andrea said...

GREAT PHOTOS!!! And what a beautiful daughter you have! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Looks like you have an aspiring model there. She is so pretty and has all the poses down. Great photos.

My son's in shorts this weekend too, and although we don't have snow it's barely in the 50s and still drizzling.

"Moose" and Mickey say hi! I keep thinking about the post you did with your cat following you and the dogs on a walk. I think this kitten thinks he's a dog. He hangs out with them all day, tries to fetch the tennis ball, and even plays in the water bowl. My mom says he's learning to fish but he just stands with both front feet in the water. I think he's part lab!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Kammy,
You are getting to be quite the photographer girl! Great shots, I think your daughter has your hair and eyes too! Cindy

Carol said...

What great pictures! What a fun way to spend some time with your daughter, and it looks like she was having fun! I should try that with my daughter, she would love it! Stop by and visit me sometime!

Tammy518 said...

Hi, Kammy! Long time no see! Your daughter is so pretty. I've got a 16-year-old daughter and I can barely get her to hold still for one picture. I'm LOL about the shorts. My daughter does the same thing, either wears short or a short skirt during the coldes of weather, with nothing on her legs.

Lori E said...

How much did you have to pay her to pose for you? Most kids would have run the other way with a newspaper over their heads.
Love your new profile pic. So cute. Now we know where your daughter gets it.

Marilyn said...

Several kids at school wear shorts ALL the time, too! I am ready to "shoot" my internet! This morning I got all pictures, no text. Now I get the text and no pictures!! Don't have a clue WHY either!! Your daughter is sweet--aren't we lucky we have one? And your new picture is great! Thanks to you BOTH for sharing!

puna said...

She not only has shorts on she is coatless in some of those pictures! Kids! These photos are beautiful. They look like senior photos?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a pretty child! Such wonderful pictures.
Kammy...girls wear shorts any time! I don't get it and wonder why they don't freeze their bottoms off, but they don't seem to feel it! :) Youth!

Denise Marie said...

cute. they are all rockin' the grey boots lately and that is a really neat winter coat.

Deb said...

Greetings, Kammy! I just found your blog and enjoyed my visit so much. I like your black and it's very serendipitous, because I'm slowly changing over to a French Country style in my home, and that's part of it. I'll be back to read you again.


Valerie said...

I just discovered your blog as well - enjoyed clicking thru it! How nice that your 15 year old would pose for you! I have 3 sons - 13, 17 and 18 and it is fighting tooth and nail every time to get a photo of the older two. The youngest - he will pose for me anywhere anytime! (and he wears shorts and tank tops all the time - I always kid him and say it was because he was born in Norfolk Virginia - but we have been back in Buffalo NY for 12 1/2 years now!)

Checking out your daughters 'photo shoot' I love the 2nd pose (from the top) and the 3rd pose (from the bottom) Those are both really sweet.

Stay warm!!

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Kammy your daughter is beautiful and so photogenic!

Thank you very much for entering my Spring giveaway sweet friend!

Enjoy your weekend!
~Melissa :)

xinex said...

Hi Kammy, these look like pictures taken by a professional photographer. You are getting to be an expert. You have a lovely duaghter! Come and take a look at my Homer Laughlin eggshell "Romance" in a tablescape. I told you I have the same ones you have and I finally used them...Christine

daylily777 said...

I was just looking over some of your older posts,& I had to comment on how beautiful your daughter is . Great Pics !