Friday, October 30, 2009

Furniture Feature Friday


I almost forgot …..I posted way too many “parties” this week and I am a little Tipsy – LOL !

New party at – I love furniture and especially re-doing it here is my submission for this week: Please visit Miss Mustard Seed to link to other furniture  make over's !

I posted about this little stool in June …

6-20-09 086


My recent post in October had this beauty-


 028 033



Short and sweet !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tablescape Thursday on a Thrifty budget

I decided to do this tablescape with nothing purchased recently.

009 The napkin rings, dishes and mugs came from the thrift store …..035 034 The flatware came from the thrift store too……036

Table cloth is folded in thirds (un-ironed – sorry) I bought in the spring at JC Penneys for $1.99…..044 040 Napkins from the thrift store……




Pumpkin tureen – Fritz and Floyd – purchased at Big Lots for thirty bucks…..058

Dollar store candle holders…..


Hugs ~ Kammy

I am linking to Leah for Thrifty Thursday  and Susan for Tablescape Thursday , here are the links:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colorado skies from my spot in the country……

My family has an obsession with the skies..just the other morning I got a call around 7:00 a.m. from my 21 year old son and a few minutes later from my 15 year old “Mom , look at the sunrise !”  There are pictures of storms a brewing, sunrises and sunsets – we have an open view from my little spot in my small home in the country.  blog stuff 025 spring of 09 055  spring of 09 076

spring of 09 049  teapot outside 019teapot outside 023 Tramp Meg 5-31 040 Tramp Meg 5-31 029 outdoor tablesetting 156 Megan Spring 09 004 Trampoline 2009 064 outdoor tablesetting 030




june 18th afternoon 2009 067

june 18th afternoon 2009 001 106 june 18th afternoon 2009 008

This posting is part of Outdoor Wednesday – join Susan and the other Outside Bloggers !


Hugs ~ Kammy

Over The Top Blog Award


Dear Jen….. over at

The Thrift Home

, nominated dear little me for an Over The Top blog award. She challenged me to answer the following questions.  Make sure you check out Jen’s dot com site – she is cheap  I mean thrifty like me !

I am boring – please don’t read….

1. Where is your cell phone: My pink Blackberry is in my pocket !
2. Your hair: not thick enough or long enough or perfect enough-I hate all you with perfect hair….LOL !
3. Your mother: lives in Missouri – too far away.
4. Your father: lives in California – super far away.
5. Your favorite food: Raspberry pie
6. Your dream from last night: I don’t remember

7. Your favorite drink: Cherry Coke Zero
8. Your dream/goal: to become a professional artist and travel the world
9. What room are you in: The dining room
10. What is your hobby: Blogging,painting,decorating,sewing,being creative…
11. What is your fear: Heights and parking garages
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: hmmmm, this would take allot of thought……I really don’t know…

13. Where were you last night: playing with dishes for Tablescape Thursday – I was auditioning them….
14. Something you are not: Fancy Smanchy or an Ooooooo look at me!
15. Muffins: the ones with cream cheese in the center…..
16. Wish List items: a formal dining room, a kitchen eating nook with big windows, a family room , a walk in closet and a covered front porch.
17. Where did you grow up: California mostly (from 5th grade till I was a senior in high school I moved 26 ish times)
18. Last thing you did: cooked dinner
19. What are you wearing: my work clothes still and I got off like 4 hours ago.
20. Your TV: We only have 1 TV  in the living room and hubby is watching Monday night football.
21. Your pets: Miniature donkey, horse, a cow (on death row) , cluck clucks, 4 dogs, 2 cats and that’s it for this season….

22. Your friends: mostly my blogging buddies – I am too much on the go to have someone tag along…..
23. Your life: Blessed with a great Hubby for 25 years and kids – I feel like I won the lottery years ago !
24. Your mood: content
25. Missing someone:  my rich uncle who is in the poor house….so my dad always told me….LOL.
26. Vehicle: Suburban
27. Something you're not wearing: shoes
28. Your favorite store: right now – the thrift stores..but I really like Marshalls, TJ Maxx too.
29. Your favorite color: Pink
30. When's the last time you laughed: when is the last time I didn’t..
31. When's the last time you cried: don’t remember
32. Your best friend: My hubby
33. One place you could go over and over again: Disneyland
34. One person who emails me regularly: my Grandma
35. Favorite place to eat? my kitchen – cuz it is come as you are !

I have no idea who to nominate…I will post this later….


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Freeeee, Creative Space and Uncommitted .


A few weeks ago it was pouring rain and I noticed a garage sale packing up…I didn’t see anything of interest but, I did notice a  FREE pile. This broken mirror was tossed in the pile – I removed the mirror and told the owner that I was really a big spender and would be taking the broken mirror. I knew could do something with it.

012 004Those familiar with appliqué – you may want to scroll down, as you will find this boring…First I took some freezer paper and on the waxed side I made the letter K – I just used a ruler to make one the size I wanted.

005 I cut out the letter and then ironed in on the right side of fabric. The waxed side will temporarily stick , so you can cut out the shape.


After it is ironed, cut it out.


Peel off the wax paper.


014 Pin to the fabric. Use your sewing machine to stitch edges. I used a blanket stitch.


New Creative Space

I posted about this find earlier..$50 bucks on Craigslist. Sorry I didn’t  take a before picture – here is the one from the ad.


When working on the top part of the hutch , I noticed that the back wasn’t looking so good. I remember that I had purchased some bead board for another project.  O dear sweet hubby…would ya, could ya cut it to fit the back ?????


I painted the gaudy gold hardware oil rubbed bronze . I just heart these legs….



See how pretty it is now ? See how my sewing seat fits neatly underneath…. Pardon the mess – I have to re-configure the entire room at the moment. This will be in my creative (studio) room.

Make out with a shelf unit with no commitment

Do you have a shelf unit or hutch that your would like to maybe “date” but not get married to ?

I have such a shelf. Remember that linen fabric that looked like burlap I purchased at the gw for $2.99 for a whole bolt ?  Well, I used it on this project. I moved the unit from my studio to the dining room. I really needed something not very wide  (remember the small home I have) to display my seasonal stuff and plates. I really want a small china open hutch but, haven’t been so lucky and I think this shelf will do the trick.

I stapled the fabric to the top (think of all the fabric choice out there…) then I just placed the shelf's back in and smoothed it out. I was left with the top looking unfinished…….Can’t have that …so I thunk and thunk and thunk (it took me a few days) and they it hit me….

086 I was first thinking about using a ribbon for the top, to hide the staples….Then I remembered about cardboard shims (we have used them for the remodeling) I asked my hubby if we still had some – well we did and he said “they are expensive, so you will have to pay..” LOL ! I only used one. I hot glued it around the right size and then I hot glued it to the top. This can easily be removed , when I change my mind….which will happen…LOL.063



See how the top looks much better ? I haven’t really put a whole bunch of thought into decorating it…this is just to give you an idea. I do want to  however showcase my new pumpkin tureen by Fritz and Floyd ( Yes, I know Lori E – will be jealous, hee hee ) I purchased it at Big Lots for $30 – which is a great deal .See how I copied the white ironstone on the top shelf as I have seen allot of other ladies do ? Love my pear plaque – got it at the thrift store. The little plate holder with the brown and white transfer ware , I found at the dollar store (it was gold and I painted it ORB). The pumpkin topiary on the top , I also got at the thrift store …

That is all for this week, whew !

Hugs ~ Kammy

I am linking to Susan at  for other great changes , super bloggers have made !