Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our newest little critter…..

Today we brought home to the family Otis McGee. I took both my daughters with me , I told my fifteen year old we were going to look at a piece of furniture from Craigs List….can you believe that she believed me ?? I am such a teaser, sorry can’t help it.

I of course took a few pictures… I see some photo shoots in his future - 126

136 142



We brought him home just hours ago and he already LOVES the couch ! I know, I know – he will get BIG. He is 9 weeks old and a Golden Retriever.

I had to share !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday Favorites – Celebrating 1 year and one of my favorite posts….

I posted this “story” last year and I had a lot of fun !

Small Home in the Country locked down after local PRISON BREAK !!!

**** Warning – pictures may be graphic – ****


This news report is part of Outdoor Wednesday with your hostess- Susan at

A  prison escape happened just before sunset Tuesday September 29,2009.  It happened at the Owl Canyon Penit-HEN-tuary. The escaped convicts should not be approached as they could be armed and dangerous. Some may call them “ JAIL BIRDS “ but, we don’t want to give them a label….you decide. This is the picture that was captured at the local watering hole…..





The JAIL BIRDS are known as :

Left Fingered OSCAR

Mack – AKA The Godfather

Two Timing Peggy

How did they escape out of the high security prison you may be asking yourself.  This next image was captured on film – judge for yourself *** Warning the next image may be graphic ***



This prisoner happens to be “ON DEATH ROW” , yes, he is counting his days and seems to be making the best of them.  He wears a bright red coat and lately his name has been Satin.  If you follow this blog you may have seen this same criminal breaking out of jail in the spring and making a ruckus.  Officials aren’t sure yet how Satin broke down the high security fences (and gate) to break out the JAIL BIRDS –it is under investigation.

Meanwhile, Prison Guard Officer Grady Tucker is gathering up the JAIL BIRDS……


Wait, we seem to catch Officer Grady Tucker off guard….


Much better –


Get a load of the unruly hair style on Left Fingered Oscar. Remember what prison does to these people.


Meanwhile back at the Penit-HEN-tuary – his days are numbered and he isn’t budging…. Here stands Satin – as if nothing happened…… We are checking the freezer space at this moment…..


image image image


The following prisoners DID NOT ESCAPE….



Vader    ( side note and an Advertisement – Vader is sporting a collar made by Suzanne with Crazy for Collars – at

this is not a paid announcement and no money exchanged hands) End of commercial.


Until the prison is built again – the JAIL BIRDS will have to live in the large compound aka the barn.


We leave you with these images…




Sorry – I got allot of imagination.

Hugs ~ Kammy



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p.s. wondering what happened to Satin ?? He was executed a few months later and he has been laid to rest in a frozen white coffin… as for the prisoners….they did escape and were never seen again.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My heart went pitter patter for those red dishes, great sized mirror and those legs !

034  A set for 8 red dishes for $ 19.99 – I know a bit high  - but the 8 bowls are great as are the plates… I love the red !


037This mirror was $ 4.99 (love half price day) it measures 12” x 12” – it is heavy and wonderful. It will be so pertty with a new paint job..

008My heart went pitter patter when I saw these legs !  I almost missed it as I walked through the furniture area…it was hidden behind other items and had things up on the top….My first thought as I was uncovering this beauty was  - How in the world can I get it home ? I was driving our little Honda….Drats…  This table is as tall as a dining room table but, small in diameter. If I had a huge foyer (which I do not) it would look great in the middle.

009 Then, I noticed the whole top was loose ! This is some kind of portable table – Yeah me, it will fit in my car ! The price was $12.99 , because the top was in such terrible shape….The bottom is pure wood and I could marry it..(don’t tell the hubby, LOL) The top is wood – I think with some heavy varnish – I will see what I can save or at least make pretty. I have NO EARTHLY IDEA where it will go…as I am pretty much wall to wall furniture….I need, yes I need to be gifted a huge mansion…LOL !

013I spotted this cake plate for $ 4.99.

107 Kinda pretty…wasn’t sure if I liked it but, now it is wearing on me..


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Hugs ~ Kammy

Frenchy things – can’t get enough….

Get a load of this HUGE HUNK OF GAUDY GOLD !!!

Found it at the thrift store a few weeks back for $ 5.99

Had no idea where it was going to go….

Is it a crown or a shelf ?

As it sat awaiting for the Fairy Godmother to turn it into something wonderful – a corner was chipped off.

I stuffed it with newspaper and painted it ORB and you can’t tell – unless you look reaaaaaal close !

Anyway, I sat it on top of my Frenchy desk until I decided what to do with it….

After looking at it , I liked the crown on the shelf…what do you think ?

The ORB crown perfectly matches the handles on the desk , which happen to be ORB too !


072Here is my $ 2.99 find from a week ago…I had already started painting it  when Krista popped over from and told me she had the sister to my find ! Well she had already made hers over and I loved it ! She glazed hers and added a sparkly knob on top. Mine is very similar – but, I painted everything on top ORB and I used sandpaper to make it a bit rustic. I think Krista and I had the same creative eye on this one :o)

me and bonnies arms 031



The first picture is before I sanded and the finished one on the bottom.

note- was told this is an ice bucket !

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Hugs ~ Kammy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why did I invest $800 in a KitchenAid Dishwasher ?

I had to have the best dishwasher – and it is when I let it do the job……


I can save a lot of electricity and water this way….LOL !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two reasons why I haven’t blogged…but I did find some time to thrift this weekend….

Here are my two reasons for not blogging much lately:

1. Facebook – I opened up an account and found a dear childhood friend and connected with siblings and lots of others – it has been a blast ! Also I am doing Farmville – the game and it is addicting.. Also I have discovered that most people on Facebook could care less about blogs…they just don’t know how much fun we are :o)

2. Carpet cleaning – being frugal like I am , I rented a carpet cleaner and did all my carpets and sofa set and 2 vehicles….I just finished – Yeah Me !

When I returned the carpet cleaner today , I went to two thrift stores and here is what I found. Now I don’t normally show pictures of undid things but, I am missing all of you and had to post something :o) !!

Chippy table for $ 12.99 – I am thinking about leaving it chippy – it is really neat ! Such a cute size too – taller then a night stand – more of an occasional table of sorts..

me and bonnies arms 021 me and bonnies arms 019

Metal cake holder..I have been looking for one that is not dented because I have seen beautiful ones painted white with roses…what do you think ?

me and bonnies arms 027

This little table was $ 4.99 and missing the drawer..I will paint this one and maybe add a basket for a drawer….

me and bonnies arms 023

A bundle of blue fringe – three types for $ 3.99 – perfect for tassels.

Silver jewelry box for $ 5.99 it is real silver !

Framed mirror – I will paint this one too….

me and bonnies arms 028 

Gallon sized jar – I love these and want more !! It was $ 4.99

me and bonnies arms 032 

I know, I know…you are thinking Kammy  -what do you see in this ? Well you will have to wait and see – It was $2.99.

me and bonnies arms 031

The next item was sitting upside down in the furniture section and of course I had to pull it down and see what it was. It can be used for so many things …my mind is going crazy on the best use, for this sweet baby….take a look-see !

me and bonnies arms 040 me and bonnies arms 038

I will be posting soon with makeovers !

Hugs ~ Kammy

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