Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Pine for U – NOT !, Getting Framed x 5 and $1.99 Twirler !

015 I Pine for U – NOT ! 

My hubby likes pine – I do not. This big hunk of pine is knot something I Pine for – hardy,har ,har….I crack myself up…..


My hubby helped with his bondo skills – the legs had huge broken pieces missing. My hubby applied bondo, let it dry and sanded it down to perfection ! Note- bondo is used on cars – the wood filler just was too slow and my hubby didn’t like it…so he got out his bondo….love it – he too can be creative.


I unscrewed all the hinges and knobs…I used the power screwdriver – so much faster. Then my hubby helped mask it up. He does a way better job than me.



We used Behr glossy black latex paint. My hubby loaded up his paint gun – the kind you use for cars and then taught me how to spray it on ! It was slick and there ain’t no runs on this baby. I have some other large pieces and my hubby said we can do the same to them , Yeah !



Here it is with my little orphan annie chair…I threw some stuff on top to make it a little cozy. I am working on a picture to go above the chair – also from the thrift store, so keep posted ! All the things on top of the cabinet are my thrift store finds too !


I bought the cabinet from Craigslist about a year ago for seventy five bucks. I use it to hold all my photo albums.


Another picture – it is so loverly, I do heart it a bunch !

Getting Framed X five


I bought five 8 1/2 x 11 frames at $1.99 each at various times from the thrift store – some wood, some metal  and some fake fake fake !

Got out my hoslter and guns (spray paint guns that is…..)

113 and my scrapbook paper…..


used my Cricut in 3 different fonts at 5 inches each in black…

112 applied modge podge – note that in this picture they are a little wet and I am working on the drat bubbles (don’t look closely at the A…pleeze)

Twirler for $ 1.99

I found this twirler and I knew my daughter Megan would love it.

122 I didn’t even open it…I just had a feeling….

It is the prettiest green. I decided to have a little mini photo shoot…the twirler is a great background. Megan will be a freshman in high school this year. We went this morning and had her hair highlighted for the first time, as a treat !  Great time to take some pics !

099 So Sweet !

067  So Sassy !


I took a whole bunch of photos – we had fun. I am lovin my new camera. For those who ask , it is a Canon Rebel T1i.  Still learning and having a blast.

I have many more projects coming up … keep tuned !

Hugs ~ Kammy

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Come to the light,Don’t talk to strangers at the thrift store and The Velvet Elvis Frame.

Come to the light

I SEE THE LIGHT ! Man , do I ever – in it’s brassiness ! That light just about blinds you…

I try to be very thrifty with everything I do, so lets do this light on the cheap side…..


1. First talk extra nice to Hubby.Ask pretty please if he will take the light down, just because he love his wife and his wife doesn’t  like the color.


2. Tape electrical stuff and spray with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze. Go lightly child , as not to create an icky mess. Don’t forget to paint the cap and screw (doesn’t that sound like a night club drink ?)


3. Ask Hubby to hook her back up ! Note – Hubby wasn’t mad , because I could have wanted a NEW light . A new light would have been over twenty dollars, instead of about a buck worth of spray paint.

Warning – Do Not Talk To Strangers in the thrift store. They may not share your vision on painting furniture.

It is true….While standing in line ( I always seem to bring a line, it is a FACT.) Two older ladies behind me were going on about my desk  ….what was I doing with it ? I mentioned paint and I think they were going to deck me. “Oh, but look at the wood it is so nice” the first lady said while the other nodded in agreement. “Paint ?” and I got the - if I was your mother, I am disapproving of this decision look. My thought was, you are not my mother, so there ! People , it is not an antique.


I saw this at the GW. Since it was a mere $8.99, I gave it a second look (if it were 19.99 or more, it doesn’t get a second look –unless it is what I am looking for and a perfect fit)  I wanted this, but really it is for a child about 6 years in age. My youngest is 14…..Hmmmmm it was heavy and made from real wood. The height was perfect and size would be perfect for a TV, drawers for the remotes and such. Later on down the road when I have grandkids (much later as my oldest just turned 21)…..a perfect little desk (which will most likely be painted again !).



I sanded this little guy down and took the knobs off .  I painted the body Apple Green from Rustoleum and the knobs lilac also from Rustoleum. 

Frame Suited for an Velvet Elvis Painting

I bought this frame at Habitat for Humanity for $4.99 – it is super large – so that is a decent price.  It really looks like it should have an Elvis on velvet or perhaps dogs playing poker……


I had to scrub it clean and give it several coats of paint – I used a roller and a sponge – can you believe it ? (I ran out of spray paint !)


This frame is humongous – it measures about 2 1/5 feet wide by 3 feet long.


Here it is – I am not hanging it up until I have all the furniture and accessories done for the room.


I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE  with this paisley print (shhhh don’t tell my hubby !) It is a decorator fabric – extra heavy and I was saving it for a chair – but thought it needed to be showcased. I had to use the whole yard of fabric. I got the fabric at Joannes and I was in there today and bought the last 1/2 yard. The have some other paisley colors too but, not any that I could use for this room.

Hugs ~ Kammy

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I have several large items in progress – one should be done tonight but, missed this post. I have lots of small things that I am currently doing. Hubby has banned me from garage sales and the thrift stores…….we will see…

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Met Monday/Thrifty Treasures/Kimbas DIY – Little Orphan Annie, A hamper for a teenager – who probably won’t ever use it, An Armoire that is Ooo Laa Laa …now, A wood tray, – that should have been burned.

It is time for Met Monday and Thrifty Treasures !  Each week you may participate or just visit each site to see what has changed for Met Monday or the bargains people find with Thrifty Treasures. I like to combine both, that is -find a Thrifty Treasure and Metamorphosis the treasure into something great ! Here are the links: Hostess Rhoda  Hostess Susan         Hostess Kimba

Little Orphan Annie 

This chair was 1/2 price at the ARC for $3.50. I thought she had some hidden talent in her. She had been abused and cast away like an orphan, so I called her Orphan Annie.

076 Her legs were wobbly – so I took her apart , re-glued her and then tapped her to hold that pose ! I used an electric sander on this baby as the stencils she wore were more like tattoos !


The poor kid had hideous blue stenciled hearts on her back. She also wore the ugliest tie on seat cushion ( My, my  I think the stencil hearts bring me back to the 80’s !) I should have taken a picture of the awful tied seat cushion – but it was soooo ugly, it was not permitted in the picture.


A couple of coats of hair color (really - I used spray paint)

Disclosure Note – nobody was harmed, in this make over.

032 Look at her sing now ! Can you see her on stage ?


The sun makes her look bright red but, she really is darker – I think she was just blushing with pride. The color is Claret Wine from Rust-oleum, my new favorite brand of spray paint. I did add some lip gloss ( because the Claret Wine is a satin – and I love glossy !)


Little Orphan Annie needed a new dress (cushion).

I just couldn’t leave her naked !

I used a paper bag for a template and cut out the foam to match her curves.



I bought this nice upholstery fabric from Joann’s ( clearance for $4.50 a yard !) Got out my staple gun and gave her a new look. I still have lots more fabric left to make something else…. So see- the sun will come up tomorrow, tomorrow……. Little Orphan Annie is singing now !

I think I have about fifteen bucks in this chair.

The Hamper for a Teenage Girl , who probably won’t ever use.

I bought this hamper for a mere $1.99 for my fourteen year old….I wonder if she will ever open it to use ? I think I will hide all the extra chocolate in the house inside to keep it safe….Snicker , Snicker, Milky way, York peppermint patty……


The bottom was coming undone – so I stapled it back together before giving it a paint job. Not a huge change  but, so thrifty at $1.99 and some paint ! This hamper is super heavy and wasn’t originally a cheap one. Score !


Ugly wood tray that should have been burned.

I can not believe that I paid full price for this tray – a buck- ninety -nine !

I loved this size and shape…I day dreamed about what it could be while putting it in my cart…the life it could have and promised it that it wouldn’t hit the burn pile.

039 I painted it Apple Green and inserted a piece of cardboard with batting and fabric – Wah Lah – I perfect tray for the top of my daughters dresser. I thought it would be cute in the middle of the two lamps I posted last week….


020 An Armoire that now is Ooooo La la

This armoire is just so-so. Doesn’t match a thing. There is a desk inside so maybe, just maybe my fourteen year old may do HOMEWORK in it (hint, hint)


Low and behold – stop the presses….I did not, I repeat – I did not use spray paint ! I used Behr – Cottage White- high gloss and applied it with a smooth roller brush. Now, I coulda used spray paint – but it probably would have used at least 5 cans…..I bought a gallon for around 25 dollars and used maybe 1/6 of the can….I have plenty of left over for the bed, night stand and other items (in progress – to post at a later date).


Here it is – very perrty, kinda Shabby Chic !

I apologize for last weeks posts – not my witty style….I had just  started my Staycation  (definition: Vacation from work and not going anywhere) and so many things to do.  My hubby and I worked on the new floor for our remodeled kitchen and back room entry. I will be sure to post pictures soon – it really is quite a transformation. I am exhausted at the end of a week off ,between the kitchen and my make-over's. I am ready to return to work with at least 6 hours of sleep each night ! Yeah sleep !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thrifty Treasures and Met Monday - Five projects all under $5 , yes Five bucks !


Once again I spent some time at the local thrift stores…I filled my cart and got some really great stuff -that went from Drab to Fab. All in one afternoon. I found this shelf at the GW, it was $4.99.


Look I didn’t use black spray paint ! Besides – Home Depot was out of it cuz, I bought it all….LOL ! All the “white” items are for my daughters bedroom – we are in the process of re-decorating…


Ugly little gold lamps - $4.99 at the GW. I really loved the beading and knew I had to have them. See all the detail ?


Lamp shades at the GW 25 cents each !  I am putting these on my daughter’s dresser.


I covered the lampshades in fabric I already had. My daughter (she is fourteen) loves purple and lime green.


Topped off by a couple of ribbons. So easy. I used hot glue and fray check so the ribbon wouldn’t un-ravel after time.


I loved this little shelf – it has a plate holder – I thought it would be perfect for a small tea cup collection… I bought it for $1.50 !



I broke out my black spray paint. I later found more black spray paint at Wal-Mart..bought 6 more cans…I am sooooo bad ! My hubby asked if I was buying it by the case ? Duh, they don’t sell it by the case….


This frame I bought for a buck. I loved that it was oval and I love the scrolly things. It is plastic but, who cares ?


Here is a close up to the new chalk board frame.  I will look fab in my daughter’s room.


This chair was $4.99 and solid wood. I think it is an old school chair. They just don’t make them like this anymore !


See it in black ? I am going to make a chair pad – that will be in a later post…I am just wiped from smelling paint fumes all afternoon !!!

Grand total including paint about $25..00  - yes twenty five bucks !

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Hugs ~ Kammy