Sunday, May 31, 2009

Met Monday – What a Crock !

I purchased this crock a couple of years ago from a lady who really needed the money…she didn’t want to part with it as she had it for years. I love it and knew what I was going to do with it….. It weighs a ton !

outdoor tablesetting 171

See it is about 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

outdoor tablesetting 174

My husband was going to cut a piece of wood for the top and then when we were at Lowes one day, we found different sized pieces of wood already cut into circles.. So we added some stain and then I really wanted a piece of glass for the top (glass is expensive !) My husband was able to get a piece of acrylic for way cheap (not quite as nice ..but will do for now).

outdoor tablesetting 181

outdoor tablesetting 182

Here it is next to my #4 size butter churn. Both make excellent storage for my small home. I keep out of season clothing in the big one and umbrellas in the little one.

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Hugs ~ Kammy

Random Post – a Sign….

On my way to work I saw the following sign posted. I had to get my camera to post to my blog….

outdoor tablesetting 154

I called the company who owns the billboard and asked “which one of my husbands friends paid for the sign ?”  Too cute !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday Shopping Secrets

Sunday Shopping Secrets hosted by Anita at

SundayShopping_SecretsBlog_thumb to see what type of buys everyone has scored this week !

blog stuff 042

I found these adorable napkin rings (originally from Pier 1) for $3 at the ARC thrift store….It was half price day , Baby !

blog stuff 043 Savers thrift store had these beauties –Yes it was half price day….for $1.50 each….I had my eye on them but would not pay $3 each, lol !

blog stuff 044

Look at all the blue and white ! They all go so well with my Spode Italian Countryside…..I found more candlesticks but I refrained and did not buy more…. (can you believe it ?)blog stuff 047

Pewter bowl and pitcher….very small …like for a child’s play set…They were about a buck a piece.

blog stuff 050

Only a buck a piece….love the pineapples !

blog stuff 051

Mikasa China Brywood…looked them up on Replacements , they are retired from 2002.

blog stuff 058

My first tureen….it is a lovely creamy pumpkin – five bucks..

blog stuff 059

blog stuff 062

Brand new Pampered Chef small mixer – 3 bucks . A large UGLY picture which I am taking out the picture and re-doing…for a later time. A silver tray and a little pot – which will be changed to another color…. I think each was about 3 bucks….The silver tray is way heavy..

Hugs ~ Kammy

Three MEME’s !

I have put three MeMe’s together for this week…. Tea Time Tuesday hosted by Barb at I am not sure if I am going to be able to link this week as my blogger doesn’t like Barb’s site….I love it – so please check her out…. The second MeMe is hosted by Susan at  the official day is Thursday and there are tons of posts so check her out too ! The final MeMe is hosted by Rhonda at – please check in on her and see what fabulous treasures everyone has found….




My Tea and Tablescape was set up on my back patio…I guess I needed to do the patio since Barb’s last Porch and Patio Party I could not participate because the weather was not behaving….. It was simply gorgeous today so, I decided to have my “tea” outside. I have a very simple patio with very causal table and chairs….I wanted to dress up the chairs so I covered them with tablecloths that were turned inside out (it is amazing that they are just as beautiful on the inside in all creams)  The tablecloth on top and ironstone coffee/tea pot and silver tray are also from the thrift store.outdoor tablesetting 258

Do you spot the cookies on the table – they are real…can you believe ! Let it be of record that Kammy put food on the table, lol !

outdoor tablesetting 239

Love my “new to me” dishes…From the second hand store…They are Mikasa Brywood. They had dozens of all the dishes EXCEPT dinner plates – which they only had three…..Everything was half price the day I went (so I had to get them) I got 3 dinner plates, 4 lunch, 4 snack, 4 saucers and 4 coffee cups…. Since I only had 3 dinner plates I used two for the table setting and one to set the ironstone coffee pot on….outdoor tablesetting 287

I am using my lavender glasses I scored at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago.

outdoor tablesetting 289

outdoor tablesetting 298 Close up of the cup and saucer

outdoor tablesetting 301

My Ross flatware for $8.98…..

outdoor tablesetting 283

See my puppy Vader….he wanted a better look – I think he spots those cookies !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog problems ?!?!?!?!?!?!

My Goodness there are problems in Blogland….Seems I am not the only one…..Maybe the Big Guy upstairs is saying “Slow it down ladies” LOL !  Anyway, Blogspot is working on it….the latest post says to remove my “followers” – I can add them later to view….and people can still follow by clicking the top left button…..So it may look like I don’t have any friends  followers…..I do – you guys are just hidden for awhile…..

If you managed to see this post, enjoy this picture -

Fishing 2009 in a boat 040

This picture is a private pond owned by a friend and neighbor ! I took the picture as my Hubby took the little row boat out to fish for bass. I love how the water reflected the trees…..I used my *NEW* camera !!

Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Shopping Secrets – My New Camera !!!


Time for Sunday Shopping Secrets hosted by Blossom at :  Now, some of us have had problems opening up blogs since this last Thursday and the people over at the Blogspot are looking into it…..I have a lot of catching up to do when it is running as I can’t pull up everyone’s blog :o(…

I finally got my new camera, a Canon Rebel  T1i…. Took it to the neighbors house for a “test” ….I was happy with the two following pictures ….but I took a million ! There are so many bells and whistles that I think that I am going to enroll in some classes…….

Fishing 2009 in a boat 068


Fishing 2009 in a boat 069

Really perrrrrrrrty……..

This camera was not cheap so, I don’t really have much shopping to show as I spent all my money !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tablescape Thursday – Seaside in the Countryside



Tablescape Thursday  is a great MEME , please visit Susan at to link up with other Table Bloggers !


Love the starfish !


Dollar store votives with dollar store shells added….


Blue dishes from Ross (got a whole set for $16 bucks !) Bought a couple of months ago….


Cambridge flatware – 25 year guarantee…..$8.99 at Ross in the clearance section – SCORE !


See my garage sale silver candle sticks ? One buck……




My A jar - $5.00 clearance at Marshalls…. The chargers I got after Christmas at Wal-Mart for like 50 cents each…. I still need some napkins !!!!!! See my little birdies ? They made a nest in the large shell…….

Having too much fun with my dishes….lol !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tea Time Tuesday – Out of a suitcase……..


It’s Tea Time Tuesday ! Please visit Barb at  such a kind  and gracious hostess ! You might have a spot of tea with some others out in blog land !

I had to purchase another teapot….I only had 1 (yes ONE) to my name. I bought this little beauty for $5.99 at Ross and everything else I had around the house…I would love to get more teapots but, I haven’t found any…

The quilt top underneath the suitcase is a top which I sewed myself (but,yet to finish) is a Buggy Barn pattern.

I wrapped my faux daisies in newspaper and tied it with a ribbon –Yes, ladies I did this “photo shoot” on the cheap side…lol !

I went a little crazy with the pictures (did I mention I love to take pictures….) I am still “borrowing” my hubby’s Fathers Day gift – shhh it is still a secret….while I save my money for a really nice one…(for myself, lol)

I think I will add one of these photos to a collage but can’t decide which one I like the best….which one do you like the best ?

teapot outside 032

teapot outside 038

teapot outside 042

teapot outside 050

teapot outside 052

teapot outside 051

teapot outside 053

teapot outside 065

teapot outside 061

teapot outside 068

teapot outside 076

Hugs ~ Kammy