Monday, March 29, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday – First time….

  I am joining Marty and the girls to show you my tabletops …007


025 058 048 079



Happy Easter, Happy Spring !

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Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Even the dogs don’t like the color….

Shopping and remaking..

I found this dog dish holder at Marshall’s (yesterday) on clearance for twenty bucks…I know it was way over priced but…I loved it , well most of it.


“Hmmmmm. Mom I don’t like the color” said Cruizer…

O dear  ! What was I to do ?…maybe paint it..gee I don’t know what color I should try…maybe BLACK ????


See how much prettier it is now ? Who said shabby has to be pastel blue or white ???


I NEEDED another mirror for my living room and I found this one at the thrift store on 1/2 price day – I paid $12.50 and it is really a nice heavy mirror. ……Except, except, the  GAUDY GOLD – you know what I am going to do..Warning, Warning… to ladies that love this GAUDY GOLD – you may want to skip to the next post ….LOL ! I used ORB on this beauty !



It is so yummy now…

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Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three Thrifty Projects

Three birdhouses I have picked up over the last few months ….I only got to two of them done….


211This first one , I tore out the pink flowers and old moss..I added some ivy and some new green with flowers.

me and bonnies arms 016

me and bonnies arms 008 This one – I tore out all the dusty ugly moss and painted it black, added it to a candle stand and some ivy…for now .

Two urns -

003 Stuff with old batting or Styrofoam ball and add fresh green moss.

006 Don’t forget to paint the urns first…I used WHITE (SHOCK) !


Each urn and birdhouse was under three bucks each from the thrift store and cost under a buck each to transform.

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Hugs ~ Kammy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Following the green with Cuisine Kathleen !!

    Following the green with Cuisine Kathleen – Don’t cha love how that rhymes ?? Kathleen is full of green and there are many more out in Blogland who is joining in with her fun party ! Here is the link – make sure to visit !

table 1980[1] 


This is my lone Leprechaun ..


A Bordalo Pinneiro plate purchased at TJ Maxx for five bucks. I know , I know it isn’t clovers but, it is green !

The white plate is a Southern Living plate that I scored at the thrift store for $2.99  - still in the box and the person who owned it had taped pictures of how to decorate it ! First I found the box but, no plate….Well I know from thrifting that all you have to do is dig and look and dig some more and I found it ! I had the black ribbon and I can change it out for the seasons.


The clover box is from the dollar store a couple of years ago. The other things I already had.

Lucky you – I mean Lucky Me  - basket I found a couple of months ago at the thrift store for a buck !

I need to add on to my St Patty’s Day decor ….

Hugs ~ Kammy

P.S. I remember St Patty’s day as a little girl because our school had a contest each year on who wore the most green….Yep, I won in my classroom (I even wore green unddies ! LOL ) I got to be in the school parade……..

Spring is almost here and the Easter Bunny is coming……

Spring time is almost here and I can just hardly wait ! I am so excited for the Easter Bunny and so are a few of my critters… 

077I couldn’t resist…Mr. Grady Tucker is the best “model”- I can put anything on him and he will let me snap away to my hearts content !


Cruizer donned this cute pink bunny outfit…


Vader would not be caught dead in bunny ears, so he opted for a spring time Prince Frog outfit.

I got all three accessories at Target in the dollar bin !

All the pictures were taken outside so…I think this counts for  Outdoor Wednesday. This event is hosted by Susan at      : . Please pay her blog a visit to link up with others – it’s a  whole bunch of fun !


Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I’ve flipped my lid…………

Yes, I’ve flipped my lid…rather flipped a tea pot with no lid for another use.

  I am a sucker for a tea pot…this little one was so cute but, it was missing the lid. It was 1/2 price day at the thrift store and the price was 50 cents !



I cut a Styrofoam ball in half and then did some more cutting to get it to fit in the teapot. Then I got some fabric and attached it over and underneath with straight pins. I hot glued the new “lid” in place.


These flat decorative pins are a great base to glue on cute buttons .


Ta Da !


Look at the neat storage underneath in the cup ! I think this would be a great gift…or I might just keep this one !

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Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have a secret “Chippy Love” !

I do have a secret “Chippy Love” –




I love this piece – chips and all…I bought it last summer and thought it would be a great spring/summer decorating item. I left the price tags on them for you to see – FIVE BUCKS – I thought that was a great deal. Now, I just have to figure out what to put inside….a plant or some flowers…What would you do with it ?

The weather is overcast and I have a boat load of projects to finish and or begin…If only I didn’t have to work fulltime and could play all the time…..I need to win the Lotto !


Hugs ~ Kammy