Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teenagers do not sleep at sleepovers….

First – Add a Happy Birthday

greeting to the chalkboard.

Megans 16th Birthday Party 004 

Order a cake in Hot Pink.

Megans 16th Birthday Party 090     

Bring in a cloche, with a

monogrammed glass. 

Megans 16th Birthday Party 006 

Sing Happy Birthday  !

Megans 16th Birthday Party 092 

Chill with friends.

Megans 16th Birthday Party 027

Mom makes everyone

pose for pictures.

Megans 16th Birthday Party 110

Mom makes everyone

JUMP for pictures.

Megans 16th Birthday Party 116

Otis is tired from the party.

Megans 16th Birthday Party 102

Teenagers do not sleep

and neither does Mom.

Mom is ready for a

relaxed, upcoming weekend.

Hugs ~ Kammy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This week was busy….Picking tomatoes, catching frogs and Sweet Sixteen..


Picked a bunch of different kinds of tomatoes from my garden….


Our frog is still hanging out in the backyard…


Otis was putting his paw on top of the frog and saying “Hey, stop hopping…so we can play”

(sorry, I couldn’t get a clearer picture….but, you get the idea”

Don’t worry , the frog did not get hurt !



Lastly…..Megan turned Sweet Sixteen.

We are hosting a sleep over, this Saturday.

We will have about 10 teenagers…

Pray for me….

I will post about that experience later…..

Megan Sweet 16

Hugs, Kammy

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where in the world has Kammy been ???




See what happens in one summer ??

The pup grows up…

I worked overtime all summer long (and it has not stopped).. working 40 hours, commuting and overtime – kicks ones behind !

I have spent just about every weekend cleaning and purging stuff. Do any of you watch – Hoarders – on TV ?  No, I am not a hoarder – but, I had a shed and studio that looked like I was. I

also watched a bunch of episodes where these women just shop and shop…..sound familiar to anyone ? Kinda scary how it can get out of control.

I joined a gym (because I have all this time on my hands, LOL !) I can do 300 ab crunches !

The only decorating I have done, has been on Farmville (which I soon will be giving up to blog again). Such a big time waster. I do have such a pretty farm…..

I haven’t spent much time with my camera or blog – which makes me sad – cause I miss you guys.

My Grandma reads my blog…..My Grandma is 88 years old and Ultra Kool ! Hi Grandma !!

Hugs - Kammy