Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree Plate Holder – I don’t heart you anymore….


Tree Star Plate Holder….I don’t heart you anymore….

I have owned this gaudy gold tree plate holder for years…it came with gold rimmed plates…. It felt so good to get the ORB spray paint out and give it an update….


I added some of my peppermint plates that I bought last year on clearance and added my thrift find Santa I bought this summer.

I just began decorating this weekend and my house is a wreck – I had to add on about 5 new containers for my fall decorations. I found 2 boxes of Halloween that I didn’t even use this year. I also figured out that I don’t have alot of Christmas things… know what that means – Drats – I have to do more shopping !

Hugs ~ Kammy

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I WAS BEING FOLLOWED ! Sure glad I keep a cell phone with me !

059  Such a beautiful day , a great day to go on a quick walk.  I always carry a cell phone for emergencies. I am working on getting my two little pups to do better on a leash so out we went. We are all the way down the road and Cruizer keeps on turning his head back to the house….What the heck is he looking at ? I turn around  - Oh my gosh !!! Quick whip out the cell phone to call – my daughter ! Quick get the camera the pups and I are being followed by….






Our cat Zorro !  (please don’t look closely at me – I wear sweat pants about 3 times a year and wear a ponytail – today was one of those days…)


So, we walk back to the house and he is like a bee on honey – he loves to purrrrr and cuddle on Cruizer and Vader.


So, we try again to walk down the road……. Can we lose this character ??


Go a little further…… Nope, still following….


No way, we can’t lose him.

069 I have to put him inside even in the mornings when my daughter catches the school bus – because he tries to follow her right up on to the bus ! That dang cat ! I swear he thinks he is a dog …

Hugs ~ Kammy

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My new love affair with Tom……..

070 I love Tom – he is a Department 56 employee and I met him at the thrift store. Do you see how MANLY he is – and he packs HEAT ! That is a BIG GUN.. I saw him the first time for $14.99 and I would not spend that type of money – no Siree Bob or should I say No Way Tom! I went back a couple of weeks later and I found him again…I think he was smitten with me, or me smitten with him….he was half price for $7.50 and I still didn’t want to spend that much…..but he was sooooo hunky cute.  Wait till you see how talented he is….it is at the end of this post….


First we start out with these Pfaltzgraff dishes (they are just like Marty’s - at A Stroll Thru Life – in fact I purely blamed it all on Marty when I spotted these at the thrift store  - and had to get them..earlier this year)I have a place setting for 12.  I did not display all the dishes or the accessories that I have collected the last few months. This set screams Fall to me. Question: Do your dishes, animals and other things you love – talk to you ?


The flatware came from the thrift. I made the little name setting tags.


The candle holder I used to lift the coffee pot , I found at the thrift store yesterday for $1.99 and I did not paint it….


The glasses are a neat greeny teal color and I was thrilled when I saw that they matched my placemats (which are Longaberger and I have owned for years)


I love to stack mugs – I found these at the thrift store , just this weekend for a buck a piece.




One dollar goblets from the thrift store…I have a set of four.




Napkins from Penney's , I got them in the spring for two bucks for 4. Tablecloth is a Ralph Loren , I have owned for a couple of years.

Sorry , I got a little carried away with the pictures as I found the RIGHT LIGHT for picture taking -daylight, Yeah !

BEWARE !!!!!!

of the next picture – it is a bit indecent..remember Hunky Tom  well……………….



.  I warned you…….


. Please don’t let young children see this next picture…..


. Really are you just that curious ????




HE’S A…..




Hugs ~ Kammy

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

When good things go wrong – making do…

  Even I have my bad days on re-making things…I was so excited to find this mirror at the thrift this week….only $4.99 and perfect for my dining room.


It was in poor shape. The mirror was loose and the hanger was gone.


I found some larger washers and replaced a few to really tighten things up…..Then I heard a CRACK………..


Do they make MIRROR spray paint ??? Good thing I am NOT SUPERSTIOUS ! I know that mirror is expensive , so what is a girl to do …..I got like a couple of hours….I HAVE TO FINISH SOMETHING – that is just a ME thing….

I then started on another project…that one bombed too….so back to the broken mirror……hmmmmmmm


CHALKBOARD PAINT !!!! I painted the frame with ORB and the hardest part ?  I have to wait 24 hours before I can write a message in chalk !

It turned out o.k. – I really want a mirror over my desk…….LOL !

Kitchen Towel

This is a quickie tutorial that can be done in about 10 minutes. Use a sewing machine with a straight stitch.


Start with a dollar dish towel from Walmart


Cut a piece of fabric 1 1/2 the width of the towel. Sewing the raw edges first , double over the fabric and pin the ends and the middle. Gather the same amount of pleats on either side of the middle and pin. Sew.


Next , get some accent ribbon – again mine is from Walmart. Pin to top of pleats. Sew one row on top of ribbon and another on the bottom of ribbon.


Cute hand towel for the kitchen. I can never find the combination I want , now I am going to make what I want…so easy and thrifty. There are countless ways to embellish this towel. Also , I hate using and buying paper towels – This will be cute hanging out in my kitchen.

Hugs ~ Kammy

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