Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank You, Cuisine Kathleen !!!!

I was so lucky to win Cuisine Kathleen’s First Anniversary Blog – Give Away !

I was ever so excited when I found the box (it was not a baby box, either !) on my front step, coming home from work.

I carefully opened the box and I was greeted by so many lovely things. I wanted to take pictures as I opened things up….but, I couldn’t wait – I was like a little kid on Christmas morning !

Look at the sweet glittery Christmas card…I thought it looked a lot like where Kathleen lives…we don’t have lighthouses in Colorado !


Inside the card , Kathleen wrote the sweetest things….. Did you know that we have the same initials ?? Kathleen said that she will leave her monogrammed items in her will for me, LOL !  Doesn’t she have the prettiest handwriting ??


Pottery Barn Mushroom Place Card holders…set of eight and they came with little cards too !



I was spoiled with Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma and Lenox – to name a few……Kathleen has wonderful taste !


Hand crafted glass ornament……so pretty !


Rooster napkins – Oh, I didn’t get a couple or even four – I got 8 yes – EIGHT ! Kathleen is no cheapskate…. Also napkin rings from Pottery Barn – to keep those roosters under control !


Sweet little candle holder…is so warm looking and fitting for a country home.

Williams – Sonoma Stack and Fill Pancake Molds – these look like fun ! I can hardly wait to try them !

Pottery Barn  - Star cookie cutters – don’t you think I can use these for napkins holders too ??


039 040

Fun soaps – I just never buy soap – I mean fancy soap – this is such a luxury !

Here is my Lenox Santa’s Toy Bag – I love him and looky he is giving me another present…. Pardon the dust on the shelf – my camera does capture EVERYTHING ! LOL !


Last but not least – this beautiful Lenox Cross Charm…. Again the my camera even captured the little “handcrafted by Lenox” sticker on the bottom that I forgot to remove !


Who you may ask yourself, is Cuisine Kathleen ?

I don’t know if I want to share her with those who might not know her…LOL ! 

Here is a link to Kathleen’s place….

I am warning you now…….


No, seriously – Kathleen posts the most beautiful and yummy food….I swear I gain about 5 pounds each time I visit ! Kathleen also has a fantastic collection of dishes – I haven’t asked her yet…where does she keep it all ?????? Kathleen also has a great sense of humor and she is a fun read ! Please give her a visit, if you haven’t already !

Thank you so much Kathleen for this grand giveaway and Congrats on your 1 year Blog Anniversary !

I am am privileged to call you one of my bloggy friends !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Monday, December 14, 2009

Multiple parties, crazy season, maybe last posting…

Multiple parties in one ! – It is getting too close to Christmas and I am crazy busy – this will probably be one of my last postings for December.

This poor Christmas tree was at the thrift store yesterday…until I rescued it for 1/2 price at $ 1.99. It was missing some sparkles – so I stopped off at Hobby Lobby and bought a pack for $1.79 – I have loads left over for other projects. I set the tree on a silver tray , on top of a small glass cake server. I filled the tree with ornaments from the thrift store. I really wanted some soft aqua ones but, couldn’t find any….I used dusty pink & soft blue and it looks o.k. but, not my first choice. When you shop at the thrift store you have to deal with the cards you get.  Don’t worry, I will keep going back until I find those aqua colored ornaments…

Here are some pictures of the tree with missing sparkles ……

007 015

See I left the tag on the tree so you can see the price ( I paid 1/2 )




Homer Laughlin Romance china – from the thrift store a couple of weeks ago….



039 064


058 046



042   087 


Happy Holidays to you and your family !

Hugs ~ Kammy

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gingerbread Man – some are just Ornery….

“Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man !!”

Do you remember this story ? I thought that little Gingerbread man was ornery as you can get….teasing everyone ….but, remember the end of the story ? He did all that teasing and got what he deserved….ate by the alligator !! LOL !

Do you have gingerbread men ? If so , you may want to keep an eye on them….some aren’t so well behaved…..don’t worry , the ones I am showing today, are well behaved….





091 075

088 090

083 087 

This was such a fun “photo shoot” I love all the bright and warm colors…

Here is the low down on the items I used :

Peppermint plates from JC Pennys – last year after X-mas I bought a 16 piece place setting under $20.00 – so I bought 2 and have enough for 8 people. The plates are nice and heavy and not cheap – Yeah Me !

Gingerbread tea light metal holder  from Kohl's – last year after x-mas – I think it was around $5

Gingerbread candles from the thrift store , still in the wrappers $1 each.

Silver chargers from Wally World – last year after X-mas sale for cheap.

All ornaments and cake tin from the thrift store all for $4

Table linens from  Jc Pennys after X-mas last year – cheap

Glass water goblets from the thrift store – a buck each

Hope you enjoyed my pictures !

Hugs ~ Kammy

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deck the Halls – Inside and Outside of this Small Home in The Country……………….

I have never taken a picture of this ornament , we use it every year. It is a Hallmark ornament and my Grandma gave it to hubby and I the first year we were married – see the date – 1984.012




Notice all the Gaudy Gold – It looks fine in Christmas ornaments and on dishes…..LOL !  Drats – I don’t paint EVERYTHING !!!!!


I love this tree and I really want to start a bird ornament collection for it….I just plugged this and that on it for now…



I bought these nutcrackers at Joann’s last year for $3 each

Nature Decorated

our Small Home in The Country this weekend

I braved the snow to get some pictures (and visit my Dish Dive aka outbuilding to get silver chargers for Tablescape Thursday) the things I do for you………………………LOL !


See my boots………….


This was early in the day – we since then got mounds and mounds more. It has been snowing for over 24 hours !

This next picture when I was in the barn and you can see the back of our small home . See that building to the right ? That is where I keep my my dish stash.  The building to the left is a 6 car garage – Yep, about the same size as the home…



Mr. Grady Tucker would like some grain……I gave him a huge scoop – look at those eyes…..He is all shaggy with his warm winter coat. See all the little flakes of snow ?


Here is little Vader romping in the snow – I do say, he needs some boots and a coat….maybe Santa will get him some. Can you see a little bit of Zorro the kitty in the dog house ?

019Here is Gunner – now that dog knows how to have fun !

Deck the Halls on Tuesdays Starting December 1

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Hugs ~ Kammy