Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking a blog break , hopefully a short one !

You may have noticed but, may have not noticed that I have slowed down on my blogging. I am super anemic and have been getting weekly infusions at the hospital just about every week for over a year now. I am going into surgery on September 2nd for a robotic hysterectomy to hopefully solve the anemia. I was hoping the weekly infusions of Venofer would help but, apparently not . I have been deep cleaning my house, so not as much time to blog. I won’t be able to lift for about 6-8 weeks. The robotic surgery is a quick recovery (except for the lifting part) I only intend to be off work for a couple of weeks ) I am so glad that I don’t have to do this anymore.


I took this picture with my cell phone. It isn’t very good, but you get the idea. I am so ready to do this. Wish me luck.

Hugs ~ Kammy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I’ll show you my Roosters !


Darn that Barb at Bella Vista…I like roosters but, I didn’t have any…Barb made me shop…so I here is what I found.


25 cent little rooster plate….at the GW.


Rooster cookie jar – 1/2 price for 6 bucks at ARC. Do you see a glance at my re-modeled kitchen….just waiting for one more appliance before I can show it off….It was a complete re-gut down to the studs- we did 90% of the work ourselves.


Our neighbor just gave us a rooster , his name is Oscar– see he has no tail feathers (somebody wasn’t very nice to him)  he is a Polish chicken – look at that hair cut !


This is our only chicken, Peggy– so she needed a “man friend” , LOL !  She layed a whole bunch of eggs before Oscar came – I hate to break the news to her that they will not hatch… least she is practiced now !

Hugs ~ Kammy


… please visit Barb at : to see some really good Rooster Collections !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday – China and Wire

001 I found 6 cups and saucers and a matching bowl…Earlier in the week the thrift store had plates and a gravy boat I missed. I waited till half price day – the cups and saucers were then $2.50 a set and the bowl $4.00. The plates were like seven bucks a piece…I decided that I would buy the cups and saucers , cuz they are always the hardest to find – I will keep my eyes open for plates ….


Chicken wire basket – I might paint it….don’t know yet…026

I love this antique candy dish – I bought it for five bucks from a one of my neighbors who deals with antiques. I just met this neighbor recently (our boys have been friends for a few years – small world !) and she loves to go “junking” so maybe we will get together – I just have been crazy busy  - so it is on my list.

For more Thrifty Thursday finds visit:

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Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bling Bling Holder,Ivory finds and a Material Girl

010 This heavy brass thing….I think is a fingertip towel holder for the bathroom.  I thought it could be a Bling Bling holder for my teenagers room. I let my daughter pick the color on this one.

024 Ivory finds

I found these items at the thrifty store – no spray paint needed, LOL !

A great big heavy pitcher for $3.99

A wire basket – with the new tags still in place for $1.99

A spoon rest  for $1.99

006 A Material Girl

Don’t forget to scan the craft area of the thrift store…I purchased two bolts, two different times. Here is fabric I can use.  Each for $2.99- that is a super buy.

011 013

Linen Look fabric – looks like my burlap but way softer. I have many plans for this baby.

014 016

This fabric matches my daughters room – I think there is plenty to make curtains and other things. Woo Hoo !

I have a few more large projects that I am working on , or sitting in line ready to be worked on. My youngest, starts high school tomorrow so I have been busy school shopping and such.

Please visit: - Rhoda – Susan

to visit other great transformations and thrifty finds !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrifty Thursday , Yes I am late…

I almost forgot….So I am a tad late, Sorry – you gals might kick me out yet !!!!! I was thinking about it all week, thought I was done….ooooops. It was only in my mind, not on the computer yet.

Here is my story:
I was thrifting at a new thrift store….A couple of ladies were looking at the dishes and I had just scored a sugar and creamer for 2 bucks each. I had to see what the ladies were looking at – I spotted this set right at one of the ladies feet – I am not shy, I moved in and keer plunked the set in my cart ! I hadn’t even looked at the pattern – I just saw old, old  and old. (the dishes matched the sugar and creamer set I had just found ! – so they were ment for little ol me )Yes, I have no shame. I got the ladies attention they were curious what I got so excited for….Well this lovely set of olden china for $12 bucks, yes folks, $12 buckaroos ! I was happy, still am happy – tell me what you think…….. No cups….but everything else….

026 025


Silver heavy tray  - a buck

A Jar – three bucks

Lazy susan – a buck – will get a Kammy re-do….

Faux topiary – 3 bucks – it needs a huge facelift…..

Hugs ~ Kammy

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tablescape Thursday – A Snack of Roses for Four

030024 023



1 set of cups and plates for $4.99 thrift store find

2 table cloths from the thrift store – layered a pink and then a lace. A couple of bucks each.

Faux roses from Michaels – $ 3.00 this is the only thing new

Ironstone coffee and sugar/creamer - $8.00 thrift store

Heavy silver tray - $1.00 thrift store

2 very pretty silver spoons - $1.99 thrift store – I have a few other pieces to this short set - only 2 spoons…..

Yep, I am cheap.

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for more Tablescape Thursday participants.


Hugs ~ Kammy


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Sorry, I am so behind on this generous award given to me by

Nicole at Bugaboos Creations:

Thanks Nicole !

My directions are to give everyone 10 honest things about me:

1. I am cheap – I mean thrifty.

2. I have to do things fast – I have no patience . Am I almost done with this ????

3. I don’t like seafood  ( I was raised mostly in the bay area, California-  where I went crabbing, fishing, periwinkle hunting – I was surrounded by sea stuff….I should love it..  I know this is soooo wrong)

4. I am behind on my housework, as I have been doing too much crafting ! Bad me !

5. I can’t go to sleep without my 2 little dogs in the bed – hey they keep me warm….oh yeah, so does the hubby – he gets jealous when they crawl in between..Yep, I got 3 men – I mean 1 man and 2 boy dogs (they weigh about 7 lbs each, my hubby weights a tad more) LOL !

6. I have never smoked anything – My kids don’t believe me – but, it is true , not one puff of anything – never wanted to, still don’t.

7. I want to be a artist when I grow up – I’m working on painting right now – roses to be exact.

8. I work fulltime and I can say honestly that I am very fortunate and thankful to have a job.

9. I can not sit still for very long. Am I done yet……

10. I love to make people laugh – so I always am doing funny things. I should have been a comedian……..

Here is my votes for Honest Scrap :

Hugs ~ Kammy

Obsession Award – I mean ..Your Blog is Fabulous ! Award.

Fabulous Darlings, Fabulous…..

Your Blog is Fabulous !

I have been nominated by Shauna at They Call Me Lucy.  For the Obsession Award – I mean Your Blog is Fabulous ! Award. This girl can cook (she is not afraid to use my favorite ingredient – BUTTER !) she loves to take photos and she is cheap I mean thrifty ! Go check her out ! Thanks Shauna, you are a sweetie !

The rules are to list five current obsessions  (what me ? little ol me have an obsession ????) and pass the award on to  some fabulous bloggers. Easy enough cuz I know alot of fabulous bloggers (this could be hard to pick !)

Current Obsessions:

1. Duh, Blogging

2. Buying stuff at the thrift store.

3. Re-making and sprucing up things.

4. Making and taking “photo shoots” with my new camera.

5. Getting back into painting – I will show you soon !

Here are my nominees:

Nicole with Bugaboos Creations  - don’t cha just love her name – she is super sweet and she is very creative. Her thrifty finds are usually a mile long !

Suzanne with Crazy For Collars – and you think I have some obsessions….LOL – Just kidding – Suzanne is the Queen of TuTu’s and Collars – go visit her and her fabulous items for your furr buddies !

Lynette with Lynette’s L.A.M. Blog – is anything but LAME…LOL ! She is crafty and has great photos !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Plant Stand $2.50, Disney Prints and tables my hubby probably will say no I can not have….

It was 1/2 price day at the Goodwill and a mostly 1/2 price day at  the ARC thrift stores….I went to three. My 19 year old daughter went with me, I am training her…..LOL. By the time we were done  (and after mom bought her a ton of stuff) she decided she likes to  thrift and there was all kinds of cool stuff. Along with 1/2 price day, it was 99 cent jean day. A couple was the first in line and piled the shopping cart full with jeans (obviously re-selling them) This cute elderly lady standing near my daughter said “My, they must have a large family” – too cute ! It was handy bringing an assistant with me , I would say – grab that, watch the cart , you go this way – I’ll go the other….Like I said , she is in training…

Plant stand

1/2 price for $2.50 – solid wood – I was ever sooooo happy !


Afterwards with a little black paint – a beauty.


Minnie Mouse Print and Pooh Prints

She just has no style in browns… wonder she was donated !


Look at her now in the spot light ! This print is for my work office – I have a few Disney things and have it displayed on my desk and such. This frame and picture was a buck.


I spotted these Winnie the Pooh prints because I liked the square frames. I decided I liked the pictures but, they needed updating. 014

Much more grown up in black. I am taking these to work too ! I got them for a couple of bucks each.


Tables I really don’t need

My hubby would tell you that  “We don’t need anymore tables !”

Awwwww, they are sooooo nice………pretty please……..

These next two beauties were so dang cheap – I had to get them. They are in such perfect condition and I might , just might leave them alone….

The end table was $13.99 but… was on sale for 1/2 off so it was $6.99


The coffee table – with drop leafs….was $15.99 but, it was also on the 1/2 price sale so it was $7.99


Cross your fingers he will let me KEEP them…..

Hugs ~ Kammy

Please visit these two fine ladies and the best bloggers in the world – so creative, so inspiring -  I wanna be just like them !!!!! You will see after visiting them…. - Rhoda – Susan

p.s. thanks to those who comment – you keep me motivated each week to accomplish more ! You guys are GREAT !!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrifty Thursday – My first !

 My Button for Thrifty Thursday\

Thank you to Leigh , for playing hostess, please visit her and the other cheap  thrifty bloggers ! I will try to behave, so I won’t be kicked out,LOL !


Super big iron chest thing - $7.99  - Luv it  - got it at GW.


The glass serving tray was $2.99 – I am in luv with it most. I have no idea how old it is ? Does anyone have any info ?

That’s it, quick and easy !

Hugs ~ Kammy

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today’s Thrifty Treasure – Plates Hung,Pure Plastic and other things..

I am participating in Today's Thrifty Treasures – Please see the link at the bottom of this post. These Bloggers will get you motivated on great buys on used stuff and sometimes new stuff – If you are a shopaholic – beware !

I would first like to say that I appreciated Rhoda’s tutorial on plate hanging you can find it here:

I had purchased plates and really wanted to try this and after getting the low down from Rhoda – I was hanging a way !

Thanks Rhoda !


I can include everything in this picture as a Thrifty Find…

The plates I found at the Thrift store for a buck a piece.

The creamer as 1/2 price for a buck at the GW.

The little jar was a buck at the thrift store.

The little holder thing was a buck and the Good Ol Dollar Store.

The shelf was $2.99 at the GW and very homely looking see below:

007 Pure Plastic ! Good Golly !  Remember my mirror below is Pure Plastic too  (it was in an earlier post for $5.00 at the ARC Thrift Store)


See how nice they all look together ? I am in Luv…..

 Brassy and Not So Sassy


$2,99 at the GW – flowers and all –the flowers were so gross and dirty !


I painted the bird cage with the Rustoleum Hammered Bronze. I just for display put it on another one of my GW finds….remember it was gaudy gold ??065

I didn’t have to do a thing to this ?? What is it a plant container ?? It is huge and so perfect. It is heavy and the bottom has the original price of $100 bucks and a sale price of $40.00 and I got it for $6 bucks – SCORE !!!

Hugs , Kammy

Please visit Rhoda at

SouthernHospThriftyTreasurescopy[2] , note this is a new address,please visit her – she is the sweetest gal !

Met Monday – A Corner Complete !

Welcome to Met Monday, see the link at the bottom of my post to find other fellow Bloggers with great before and afters. I am posting separate  MeMe’s this week to find out which ones I am enjoying the most – partially based on feedback from other participants and or visitors. I hope to do a couple of weeks of test runs and then decide which sites I will be participating in on a regular basis.

But It IS U.G.L.Y….

Great frame but  U.G.L.Y…..I paid $5.99 for this frame and picture but, thought it was worth it for the style of frame and the great size.

057First I painted it black

Second I added left over fabric from Orphan Annie Chair (previous post) and tucked it snugly in between the picture and frame. I then used black rick rack (from the thrift store) and glued it with buttons.


Wall –laa !

 Plastic – don’t discount it….

Behold the plastic mail sorter….I love the carved details and thought for a buck ninety nine – it was worth a shot. See how I added it to the next project.


A Place To Hang Your Hat

Here is a hall tree – I bought for $35.00 – it was the right size – so I shelled out the bucks. I forgot to take a picture of it standing up.


One coat of paint and awaiting 2 more.061

Don’t get discouraged after the first coat – it won’t look super black yet.


This piece is perfect for this little corner in my back entry.


I added the mail sorter – it fits perfectly and see the frame I just made ? We now have a spot for hubby to hang his hat, the mail to be NOT lost and a memo board for lists of things needed to be done…

This table flew so fast into my shopping cart – I was so giddy with happiness ! I spotted it at GW and it was a mere $4.99 – I didn’t even give it


It is an authentic re-production from Lane Furniture. It is solid wood but, beat up a bit.  I had to bondo some cracks and sand it really good. I removed the tabs on the bottom – as they weren’t even and the table was quite rickety. I replaced them with new felt circles – which are like Heaven ! I bought them at Wally Mart and I will have to let everyone know what brand they are – way cool !097

This little table shines now. I used Behr glossy latex black – used the air compressor and paint gun – rather then the spray paint can (since I was doing the hall tree too)

Please visit:  Hostess Susan


I am posting other things for other MeMe’s this week, so come on back !

Hugs ~ Kammy