Friday, April 10, 2009

I love to quilt !

This small quilt I made for my "Studio"
it is where I quilt, paint, scrapbook and
make "stuff"
This quilt I made last year, I did 1 block
a month - because the top is all done by hand.
I find it so relaxing to hand quilt while watching
t.v. or simply listening to music.


Chari said...

Hi Kammy...

Just little ol' me again...I wanted to visit some of your posts! Girl, you are so talented!!! What beautiful quilts!!! I really admire anyone that does takes fortitude and patience to finish a project like that...but the fruits of your labors are sooo worth it! Quilting is one thing that I haven't done much of...I made one quilt, with the hand stitching (a crib sized quilt) years ago! My grandmother was an expert quilter and she made some beautiful treasures!!!

I guess that quilting is a perfect Colorado hobby...sure would give you something to do during the long winter months inside! Anyway, these quilts that you made are gorgeous!!!

Warmest wishes,

Sharing with Sherri said...

This is just the sweetest quilt ever!
I can just picture you sitting ever so contented, while quilting away on it, on a some cold snowy day!!