Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cupboards- Out with the food in with the dishes !

What’s a girl to do..My dishes are multiplying like bunnies…and

it is only fitting that they have a warm place to stay….so I did

some thinking and I thought, why not consolidate all the food

(heck – we’re all on diets anyway…) Here is my pantry before

doing anything…

blogging 013

I know, I know very messy… Now it looks like this, keep in mind

I emptied 2 overhead cupboards (for the need of dish space..)

blogging 016

Not beautiful – but it does all fit…..1 place for all the pantry stuff.

Here is a picture of my “white/cream dish cupboard” I bought

the blue stuff this weekend and the three little pitchers…thus is

why I needed more room…

blogging 009

Then I had to make room for my Spode Emma’s Garland,

Newport Seaside, Cabbage dishes and my new bird salt

and pepper shakers (don’t you love them – they begged

my to buy them !)

blogging 011

Here is my cupboard with mostly Longaberger Dishes….

blogging 007

Then look what happened… EMPTY cupboard (oh, don’t

worry I will find dishes to fill it too !)

blogging 014

It is kinda scary that I didn’t show you the corner cupboard, where

I have a bunch of misc. dishes….And I have a couple of different

Christmas sets not in the kitchen….Oh No, what have I become ???

Yes, I think I am a “Dish Crazy”, I must stop , I must…..Tell me

am I going “Dish Crazy”, do I need some professional counseling ??????

If you would like to see other Metamorphasis Monday Fun, check out with Susan, who is so

sweet to be your Hostess ! Hugs ~ Kammy


marty39 said...

LOVE all your dishes. I also love how you rearranged all the things in the pantry and cupboard to make room for all those lovely, important dishes. I just did the same thing this weekend to try and make room for more of my every growing collection. I think I have become a dishaholic too. lol Hugs, Marty

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

How great. A place for all your beautiful dishes. I did make room in my pantry for more dishes, but it doesn't look as pretty as yours, because I had to put lots of other things in with the dishes.

Anonymous said...

what a great job of rearranging Kammi. I keep looking at those adorable bird salt and pepper shakers and would say you definitely have the bug.I counsel you to go forth and acquire more!

salmagundi said...

I just found you through Susan & Met Monday. I, too, live in Colorado very close to the Rocky Mountains. Love that you found more space for dishes - now you can accumulate more!!! Sally

Melissa Miller said...

Oh I LOVE organizing transformations and yours is the BEST!

Your pantry does look beautiful Kammy!
It's all just amazing how perfect it all fits.

Let us see all the pretty new dishes you pick out for the empty cabinet okay.

~Melissa :)

susan said...

You have been a busy girl with all that shopping and rearranging! It looks pretty and organized!! Doesn't that just feel good :) I have no doubt you will fill up those empty shelves in no time!

xinex said...

Wow! So organized now. Your dishes are all very pretty....Christine

Cynthia said...

Love all your beautiful china and what a great organizing job! Cindy

Linda said...

Doesn't it feel good to get organized?! I know you are loving that pantry and your dish cupboards. You have a beautiful collection going on there, girl! Linda

KBeau said...

Did you find the S&P's at Target? They look just like the Target ones I've been seeing, but yours seem to have some color on them.

Amy said...

Hi Kammy,
Wow, you really have been busy organizing. It is a rainy day here and I think you have inspired me to do the same today! :) I love all your neat dishes in your cupboard. It is just a treat to open it up and admire them! Very nice projects. Amy :)

Anonymous said...

Great organization! And gorgeous collection of dishes!

Kammy said...

I have two sets of S&P - the white ones in
the white cupboard are Target and my new ones
in the Spode,Nautical cupboard are from Marshalls
(they have white bases and colored feathers).
~ Hugs, Kammy

Carrie said...

Beautiful organization job!! I love an empty cupboard.

Chandy said...

Good morning, your newly organized pantry looks great! Great dinnerware choices! That is amazing!

Have a great Monday!

ellen b. said...

Oh I just adore your dish cupboards and all the dishes in them. When you find that dish addict help send it my way too please!!

linda said...

I bet you felt so good after all of that organization! It looks great!

I love your dishes, especially all of the white and the green cabbage collection. I started collecting the cabbage dishes too recently and want to display them in a plate rack...just have to find the right one.

Tricia Anne said...

What super organizing! I love order, don't you!? I think I am getting a little dish happy myself. :o) I don't own a lot, but I have been picking them up as I go. :o) They are just so versatile!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Chari said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Just read your sweet note that you left over on my kitchen glad that you came by for a visit and thank you so much for the nice compliments!!!

Girl, I totally admire your spacious pantry...well,'s more like big ol' green envy! Hehe!!! I'd love to have a pantry and if we ever do remodel...I'm having one! Hehe! You really did some work...and now you have another empty cupboard to fill up! Yeeehawww!!! may have to join the rest of us "dishaholics" in the 12 step program! Hehe!!! I'm so glad that you showed us some of your fabulous dish collections...I could literally look for hours at pretty dishes! I've got it bad, my friend!!! Hehe!!! You have some beautiful collections/dishware!! Thank you for sharing them with us...wished you could have heard all of the Ooooohing and Aaaaahing here at my place while I was looking through your cupboards...wink!

Have a marvelous Monday, Sweetie!

Myrna said...

Oh! You've inspired me to find more dish space..(I need to join your 'club'!;-)
Love collection of dishes!
Thanks for visiting me, too!!

Painter's Place said...

My you've been busy organizing. It looks really good. Ya know we can't have enough dishes, regardless of what hubby says, right?

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Kammy...first of all I apologize for all the drool! I am loving all these dishes and the storage space, too! :-) Doesn't it feel good to get it all organized! Great Before and Afters!
P.S. If someone hasn't already given you the Tablescapers Award or the Dishaholic Award, you need to come by my blog and click on the Award collage on my side bar. Just copy and paste them to your computer to upload onto your definitely deserve them! :-)

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Kammy~ ~Please show us your Spode. Close ups, maybe next TT at Susans. Love the little cabbage dishes. Keep eyeing them up at Ross but naver just do the deed! It's nice to meet you~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Kathleen Ellis said...

Great makeover of your pantry, Kammy...and you did a great job making room for your growing collection of dishes...I don't think you have a problem...really! (because if you do I!!!)
Have a fabulous week!

DesignTies said...

I bet you're feeling a lot of satisfaction every time you open up a cupboard! Looks fantastic!!

Thanks for dropping by our blog and commenting on my dining room renovation! :-)

Victoria @ DesignTies

Carisa said...

I love all your dishes! It must have felt really good to organize.
Mrs. Petrie @

Martha said...

What great organized spaces. How nice to have all of your dishes so handy! Lots of great dishes, you have as well!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

WOW!! I wish I had that much cupboard space. You did a great job organizing. I understand the need to stop... buying dishes! LOL

Neabear said...

An empty cupboard???!!! Shock! I wish I had an empty cupboard. I also use the Tupperware Modular Mates for storage. Isn't it nice to have the pantry straightened up again? Now you can find what you want easier. As long as you remember its new home. When I moved things around in my kitchen, I sometimes forgot where I moved things to and had to search to find it. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love the organizing process. It's so cathartic... and everything looks so pretty afterwards!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault