Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day !

Happy Valentines Day, Friends !

May your day be Sweet !

Valentines cupcakes 039



p.s. Did you have a great weekend ?

I did, I bought 3 pieces of French provincial furniture….

From my man Craig (Ooooo, I lava that man !)


notes of sincerity said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kammy. :o)
Sincerely, Trish

Blondie's Journal said...

Lucky girl! I have never bought anything off Craigs List but I have looked. Please share when you get it!

Happy Valentine's Day, Kammy!


Ames said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kammy!~Ames

Star said...

and you're going to show us those items in the fullness of time, right?
Happy Valentine'd Day to you.

g.suzie said...

Ok, Kammy don't leave us hangin. . .
We need some show and tell!
Glad you had a super
Valentine's Day

Patti said...

I've completely shut down The Cottage On The Curve blog and only have Putterfly now. Please visit me there.

Hugs! Patti