Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogger having blurry issues on headers…

Picnik collage

I finally come up with a new header 

and Blogger is having issues with blurry pictures….

I will keep trying in the next few days – grrrrrrrr

Hugs - Kammy


Anonymous said...

It's a nifty header. Hope things work out!

P.Bridges said...

I have the same problem! Very maddening. Nothing we can do. I have tried everything.

Star said...

Oh, someone else with problems. On one of my Blogs, I cannot get the header to show in the middle, so I'm left with a bit of useless space to the right of it.
see here
Any suggestions?
Now, I like your new header. I like the fact that you have more than one picture displayed next to each other. However did you do that?

Denise said...

Hi Kammy, thanks for stopping by to meet Boo, Otis is so cute in his tiara! Hope you get the header thing sorted out soon, it looks great in your post.

Patti said...

the photos are clear from here! But your title is not centered...its always something