Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My garden and Their garden….






The first four pictures are of my garden.

As you may or may not know, I live across the road from an organic farm……

They grow tons of different kinds of vegetables and plant all summer long. 

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of their garden…..





I love a field of wildflowers…this one is just down the road from our home….




I am loving my raised beds. I have had to pick maybe 3-5 weeds total each week.

Next year Hubby will be building me more !

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Hugs ~ Kammy



LV said...

A great outdoor post for today. I loved seeing your yard as well as the fields near you. Nice job of combining them into a great feature.

Liz said...

Your garden looks great! It is getting hard to keep anything alive here. 113 today.... we're melting! :)

That organic farm must provide lots of inspiration!Sure is pretty!


Anonymous said...

Wildflowers always make me slam on the brakes of my SUV, stand at the side of a busy road and pretend I am a famous photographer. LOL..


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your garden looks very healthy and happy-enjoy!

Marilyn said...

Your garden looks so healthy! You must not have 5 hundred GazLiOn grasshoppers over there! They are a plague out here. I'm only exaggerating a little bit. ;O

I always enjoy visiting and hope you will keep us posted on how things are going in your corner of Colorado! Sarah and I took a road trip and went down south. One of these days, though, I am heading your way! ♥♫

Ms. Bake-it said...

The fields of wildflowers is one of the things I loved when I lived in TX. They grew wild in fields and all along the roadsides. Your garden looks great. I am hoping to have raised beds next year. They seem to be so much easier to maintain.

~ Tracy

Mimi said...

Your weed free garden looks great, Kammy! There is nothing tastier than fresh picked vegetables.

Hood Photo Blog said...

Love your garden! Your squash (pumpkins??) plants are putting mine to shame. I think I started them too late. Have a good rest of the week :)

Hood Photo Blog

HollyC said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Outdoor Wednesday! I love your garden beds. My husband built me two this year, but alas, I didn't put anything in them this summer. Maybe a fall garden will do...Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Kammy - ummmmm . . . will you please adopt me so I can come live at your house? That view is one I could never, ever tire of. And the rain sweeping in . . . perfect for the fields.
I must admit - this is now one of my all time favorite posts. It is so ME!
Thank you for sharing.
My raised beds SANK! Terribly! Some little critters enjoyed the soil too! Needless to say - they are gone. It made me sad - but . . . it was ridiculously expensive refilling them twice a year. UGH!
Have a wonderful weekend! We are outta here!
Hugs! Karen

Light and Voices said...

Is your thumb green? Wowza you sure have a lush garden.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Hi Kammy! Thanks for stopping by! I just can't believe it! I have just recently been thinking of finding out how to make a raised bed for a vegetable garden. Then you left a post on my blog, I came back to visit with you and I find your post about one! You have a new follower!! You made it look so easy! Hugs!

Becky K. said...

What beautiful gardens. I love the raised beds you have. So pretty and everything looks so very healthy.

The field of wildflowers is amazing.

Becky K.

Kerrie said...

Your raised beds are awesome!

Kathleen said...

Garden looks good, KM! Mine looks sad, the deer loved it though! Good thing we still have farms nearby!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Oh, your gardens and your area's mountainous backdrop are both so dreamy!
My raised bed gardens were doing well, until the bugs took over. (At least it was organic before that!)

GinnaG said...

Kind of tired of looking at that cute Otis all summer!