Friday, February 27, 2015

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Hello, Anyone still out there in Blog World ? Thinking about blogging again after a long vacation... Hugs, Kammy <

Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 St Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl– Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado


Everyone loves a parade.


Especially when a long leprechaun is sitting directly

across the street from you…


I brought the a wee lad and wee lasses


I love the name of this bar – Drunken Monkey - the local merchants do not.


Who doesn’t love a man in a skirt ??


Or a pup in a skirt ???



My daughter and her friends are extremely huggable !


This Leprechaun was on a unicycle


This one on two


There was a train


Trucks of cutie pies


Fur babies


Look at this puppy’s face !



And this pups face !


This small horse was a beauty !



Pretty ponies !


These dapple grays were quite the lookers !


Pups came by foot and also a few in wheelchairs…poor little guys


Dogs of all sizes !


This one was trying to escape the madness !


Flowers for spring..


Megan and her friends had a great time !

I am linkin up with Cuisine Kathleen for

Third Annual   St. Patrick\

The Annual ST. Patrick’s Blog Crawl

Please visit Kathleen  - make sure to

wear your green – or get pinched !



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not going to the thrift stores, enables you to save money….

For about a year of not frequent shopping at my local

Goodwill, ARC or flea markets, I have been

able to save money.

I was able to save money to take Hubby , daughter

and myself to Disneyland last year.

Nothing felt sogood.

I was able to save for everything and it was

such a great feeling.

In January of this year I decided to save money to

finally replace that un-matching fridge in the since

then remodeled kitchen. It helps that the price on

refrigerators are much less expensive then they

were in 2008 (French door style). It also helped that

the one I got – with all the bells and whistles was

about 25% off, free delivery/haul away , no city taxes-

because I live in the country annnnnnnd I got it at

Lowes and they had a deal  (still going on for a few

days). Pre-load a special gift card – turn around and

use the gift card immediately (If you want). They

then take 10% of the original purchase amount and

load the card in the middle of this month. So Basically

I spend 2 grand on my fridge and get two hundred dollars

of free Lowes money to spend.

Isn’t that a steal ?

I love a good bargain !

Here is a before and after:





Yes, the new fridge is like a mirror.

( need to get the right cleaner to make it spotless)

I don’t work for Lowes and

get no moola for giving them brownie points.

I know that there is a sticker showing.

This is the only time the fridge will be empty for

two seconds.

I have installed a “diet alarm” on this

new model. It will sound when making

poor choices .

No really this isn’t needed, because

of the shiny surface being like a

mirror – just take a look at yourself

BEFORE opening the fridge and

make your choice.

The last picture is the fridge open -

doesn’t it look like it wants a hug ?

I wanna hug it because I paid






P.S.  Yes, I have

been through Financial Peace

University with Dave Ramsey .

Cash is King Baby !


I am linking this to Susan’s Met Monday – because it

is a before and after !

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who says you have to get married to get new dish towels ?


How come the last time I got a mess

of dish towels, it was when I got married (1984) ?

My dish towel drawer (I am so embarrassed to show you) looks like this …



I gave myself permission to retire all dish rags – towels

to Hubby’s rag drawer (located in the garage).

I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a

whole drawer full for about twenty five bucks.

I really really wonder, why I never thought of this before…

Now, I give you permission to look at your dish rags – towels

and give them the boot.

(aren’t I sooo nice ??)

Go ahead, go buy some new ones….

Blame me..



p.s. I believe that I will be doing this to the bath towels next….

they are scarrrrrrry !

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day !

Happy Valentines Day, Friends !

May your day be Sweet !

Valentines cupcakes 039



p.s. Did you have a great weekend ?

I did, I bought 3 pieces of French provincial furniture….

From my man Craig (Ooooo, I lava that man !)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Cupcakes–Thrifty Style




Feel free to drool…


The calories are zero…(if you look only!)


$3.99 – brand new in the box at the thrift store

Valentines cupcakes 055

$5.00  Swirly cupcake stand at Walmart

Valentines cupcakes 042

Priceless mess – notice the empty wrappers ?

I had a couple of helpers…

Linking to the following party !



p.s. no cupcakes were harmed (just inhaled) during this photo shoot

Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s so Icy out–school has been cancelled !

Yes, you heard it right..

School is cancelled tomorrow because of the icy cold weather.

Is work cancelled – NO


My daughter gets to sleep in tomorrow .

My daughter gets to watch TV all day tomorrow.

My daughter gets to play on the computer all day tomorrow.

Am I bitter ?

Do you see me pouting ?

Was that sound heard , a  grown-up (me) stomping my feet ?

Grown ups do not have temper tantrums.

All kidding aside, I am glad the kiddos will be safe and warm at home.

Maybe I could leave a list of things for my daughter to do (if she gets bored).

Hugs and Stay warm where you are planted !


p.s.  Shhhh  this picture is my currently 16 year old , when she was about 10 (she is going to kill me….)